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Response by the Bishop of Wakefield


I welcome Sir Philip Mawer's report.  I am grateful for the care that he has taken in producing it, for his conclusions, and for his further thoughts.


Our aspiration is indeed to offer sacramental ministry to those placed under our oversight under the House of Bishops' Declaration "within the spirit of the Five Principles, with due sensitvity to the feeling of others, and with full regard to the lawful authority of the relevent diocesan bishop (whether male or female)".



The Red Revd Tony Robinson

Chairman of the Council of Bishops


Note: the Independent Reviewer's report is published here.

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Daniel Howard


9 June: 7.30pm

St Columba, Anfield





Oliver Petter


17 June: 7.00pm

St Michael, Camden Town





David Hanson


21 June: 4.00pm

Christ Church, Chadderton





Gary Hartill


21 June: 4.00pm

St Francis of Assisi, Friar Park, Wednesbury





Miguel Sánchez Rodríguez


27 June: 1.30pm 

All Saints, Elland





Samuel McNally-Cross


27 June: 3.00pm

St Giles, Reading





Andreas Wenzel


 27 June: 5.00pm 

St Peter & St Leonard, Horbury





Christopher Brading


5 July: 4.00pm

St Margaret, Swinton





Anthony Murley

(sub conditione)

(sub conditione)
(sub conditione)


5 July: 6.00pm

All Saints, Small Heath, Birmingham





Luke O'Maoil Mheana 


6 July: 7.00pm

St Michael & All Angels, Paulsgrove Portsmouth





Kyle McNeil


7 July: 7.30pm

St Mary the Virgin, Cockerton


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