Branding for The Society


Requirements for Use

The copyright in the Society branding belongs to Forward in Faith. The branding may only be used:

  (a) by parishes that are currently affiliated to The Society [This possibility will be available from 2015], and

  (b) for events in a diocese that are arranged by, or held with the agreement of, the Bishop's Representative

       for that diocese.


Technical Details

In the folder you will find various versions of the Society logo.

  • Use the JPG or PNG versions for screen work, i.e websites, e-newsletters etc.
  • The large JPG can be used for print and the PDF logo for print and large format work.
  • The PDF version can be enlarged to any size whilst retaining its sharpness.
  • The PNG version supports transparency.

Please use the logo on a very light, preferably white, background. Do not display the logo at a width smaller than 350 pixels, as when the width is less than this strapline becomes illegible.


Please click the arrow below to download the Society 'Brand Pack'.