History made, as Anglicans, Oriental Orthodox agree on Christ's incarnation

Posted on the 11th Nov 2014 in the category News

Senior theologians in Anglican Communion and Oriental Orthodox Churches recently made history by signing an agreement on their mutual understanding of Christ's incarnation.


Anglican Catholics have always been concerned to build bridges with the ancient churches of the East and West. The Right Revd Geoffrey Rowell, a bishop of The Society, has had a long standing interest in and experience of the Eastern Churches, both Byzantine and the Oriental Orthodox, which led to his appointment as Anglican Co-Chair of the formal Ecumenical Dialogue set up by the 1998 Lambeth Conference. This Christological Agreement builds on earlier Agreements between the Byzantine Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox, joint statements by the Pope and heads of the Oriental Orthodox churches visiting Rome, and the Driebergen Agreement between the Reformed and the Oriental Orthodox.’  The text of the Agreement was presented to Pope Tawadros II, who received the Commission following his weekly Bible Study in his Cathedral, and to Archbishop Justin Welby in the context of the Ecumenical Bishops’ meeting.


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