The Society Facebook Page is Launched

Posted on the 16th Dec 2014 in the category News

Pope Francis has reminded us that it "is essential [for the church] to be present [on the internet], always in an evangelical way, in what, for many, especially young people, has become a sort of living environment;"  The Catholic movement of the Church of England has been at the forefront of the use of new media.  Indeed, over half of the members of the Council of Bishops use social media to promote their ministries.  Accordingly links to their Facebook and Twitter streams can be found on their profile pages.


Today the Society launches its official Facebook page.  Click the 'Like' button on this page and remember to click that button again selecting the 'Get notifications' option to ensure that you always receive all the very latest news from The Society. 


From the very day that the plans for the creation of The Society were announced by the Catholic Bishops of the Church of England on 24 September 2010 an unofficial group has existed on Facebook.  This has grown and developed to become a popular and lively forum for all who look to The Society as the means of providing ‘ministry, sacraments and oversight which we can receive with confidence’.  This page will now however be made private ('closed' in Facebook terminology) so that anyone can find the group and see who is in it but only members can see posts.  This will help to clearly distinguish it from the official Facebook page.