Parishes Pass Resolutions and Affiliate to The Society

Posted on the 19th May 2015 in the category News


Parishes are beginning to pass resolutions under the House of Bishops’ Declaration. In most cases of which we have been informed the PCC has passed the resolution by an overwhelming majority – usually, unanimously. In parishes which are divided on the issue, people who are themselves not opposed to the ordination of women as priests are voting for a resolution for the sake of the unity of the parish, and so that the ministry in the parish is one that can be received by all.  Guidance is available here. Printed copies of the materials have been posted to existing resolution parishes. If your parish priest (or churchwarden in a vacancy) has not received this mailing, please contact David Oldroyd-Bolt.  If your parish has already passed a resolution, please check whether the parish priest or another parish officer has informed us. If not, please let us know, as this helps us to build up a picture of what is happening across the Church of England.



Parishes are beginning to affiliate to The Society. Any parish that supports the aims of The Society and is under the oversight of a member of the Council of Bishops (because of a petition under the Act of Synod or as the diocesan or area bishop) can affiliate by a simple resolution of the PCC. There is no need to wait until a new resolution has been passed under the House of Bishops’ Declaration. Don’t delay: affiliate today. Society parishes are entitled to display The Society ‘porch card’ and they are listed on here.


Dr Colin Podmore

Secretary of the Council of Bishops