Devotional Videos and Live Streamed Liturgies

Posted on the 1st Apr 2020 in the category News

Devotional Videos


The Society will be issuing a series of short videos to aid devotion and prayer at home during Holy Week. The videos will be made available at the following times via The Society Facebook Page.


Palm Sunday at 8am.


Maundy Thursday at 3pm.


Good Friday at 12pm.


Easter Day at 8am.



Those who use Facebook are encouraged to watch them there and to share them to that they reach as many people as possible. However, it is also intended to subsequently post the videos here, for those who don't use that platform.


The videos have been produced by The Society and kindly funded by both Forward in Faith and The Church Union


Live Streamed Liturgies

The Bishops of The Society are planning to Live Steam the following liturgies


Palm Sunday

The Bishop of Chichester: 10.30am - here.

The Bishop of Fulham: 11.00am - here.


Maundy Thursday

The Bishop of Fulham: 6.00pm - here.

The Bishop of Chichester: 7.30pm - here.


Good Friday

The Bishop of Chichester: 3.00pm - here.

The Bishop of Fulham: 3.00pm - here.


The Easter Vigil

The Bishop of Fulham: 8.30pm - here.


Easter Day

The Bishop of Chichester: 10.30pm - here.


The above list will be updates as other bishops finalize their plans.



The devotional videos were recorded in the Diocese of London in accordance with the restrictions which were in place at that time. Thanks go to the Vicar and the Churchwardens of St Benet Fink, Tottenham for the use of the church building

Photo Credit: George Reynolds