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Today the Bishops of the Society sent a letter to the supporters of the Society.


» Letter to Supporters

» Prayer Card 

» Membership Form for Forward in Faith


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During the period between 1999 and 2011, some 74 parishes across the country experienced a ‘Fan the Flame’ Teaching mission, with considerable benefit and an outpouring of grace, which still resonates in many places.  In consultation with Bishop Lindsay Urwin it has been agreed to seek to re-launch this initiative and make it available to parishes across the Church.  On behalf of the Council of Bishops, its chairman, Bishop Tony Robinson  warmly commended this mission initiative.  See below for more details:

Fan the Flames Website

PCC A4 PDF Leaflet


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The Catholic Movement continues to foster vocations to priestly ministry in the Church of England, through the God Calling initiative.


Men who are currently exploring priestly vocation are invited to attend a Vocations Day to be held at Christ the King, Gordon Square, on Saturday 30 November 2013, from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. Wives are invited to accompany their husbands.


The programme will include keynote addresses on Anglican Identity and Anglican Spirituality by Dr Colin Podmore and the Bishop Jonathan Baker, and a Bible Study led by Bishop Norman Banks.


Those wishing to attend should contact Fr Darren Smith for further information and bookings: - tel: 0121 382 5533.


The bishops of the Society warmly support this event.



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Welcoming the news of the appointment of the new Bishop of Ebbsfleet on behalf of the Catholic Bishops of The Society of Saint Wilfrid and Saint Hilda, the Rt Revd Tony Robinson, Bishop of Pontefract, said:

I am delighted to welcome the appointment of Canon Jonathan Goodall as the fifth Bishop of Ebbsfleet. Canon Goodall has been working at Lambeth Palace for the Archbishop of Canterbury for the past eight years and has enormous personal knowledge of the Anglican Communion and the Church of England. He is well placed to continue to make a significant contribution to the Church at national level. He has been a member of the Society of the Holy Cross for the past 20 years and will be known to manyof the catholic clergy.

The parishes and clergy who look to the Bishop of Ebbsfleet for pastoral and sacramental can be sure that they have a worthy successor to be their new Bishop. Please pray for him and support him as he prepares for his Consecration in September and he begins to visit and get to know you all. 


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One of the remarkable developments of recent years has been the growth in the number of men who stand firmly in the catholic tradition whom God is calling to the priesthood in the Church of England and who have responded in faith to that call. The number in formation at St Stephen's House and the number who will be beginning their studies there this autumn are very encouraging. This is a sign of hope for our future. A high proportion of them are young men who can offer up to forty years of service or even more.


But although this growth is encouraging, it is not enough. We need more priests than we have, yet the number who will retire in the coming years means that we shall have even fewer unless an even larger number respond to God's call.


Vocation involves a double call - an internal calling discerned by the individual, but also a calling through the Church. This means that Vocations are the concern of the whole Church and not just of the individuals concerned. We all need to think and pray about who in our parishes might be called by God to ministry in his Church.


The next Vocations Conference will be held at St Stephen's House from 30 August to 1 September. Forward in Faith calls on its clergy and people in each parish to consider prayerfully whether there is someone in their midst whom God might be calling to the priesthood, and who should be encouraged to attend the Vocations Conference in order to explore this.


Further details may be found at here


In calling young men to the priesthood, God assures us that he has a future for us. But it is also true that if there is no response to that vocation, we shall have no future. Please play your part in the process of discernment, by encouraging those who may have a vocation to come to the conference and find out more.





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